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The CMS Scientific Council Workspace (ScC Workspace) is the electronic, web-based communication space and working area for the CMS Scientific Council (ScC). Its aim is to provide a central platform for online collaboration and to support the work and the communication of the Scientific Council between meetings. The platform consists of a public and a restricted area, the latter being accessible only to the current members and observers of the CMS Scientific Council. It includes the following sections:

WORKING GROUPS - An area where the Scientific Council does its technical work during the intersessional period on priority topics as instructed by the previous Conference of the Parties and the Convention’s official documents.

DISCUSSION - A forum area where the Scientific Council discusses all other matters which are not covered by the existing working groups.

MEMBERS  - This area contains the contact list for all ScC members and observers and their individual profiles.

RESOURCES - This area contains resource documents, such as the Convention text and annexes , the ScC Modus operandi, as well as the contact list for the CMS Secretariat staff and their individual profiles.

WIKI - This is where text documents can be worked on jointly with track change and automatic reminder functionalities.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the CMS Secretariat here.

You can find the Scientific Council Work Programme under Resources.